Seed – Limited Edition of 100 Copies – Published June 20

by Joanna Walsh


Seed – Limited Edition of 100 Copies – Published June 20

by Joanna Walsh


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In June 2021, No Alibis Press published Seed by celebrated writer and critic Joanna Walsh.


The limited edition of Seed is presented in a case and includes the paperback edition along with seven illustrated chapbooks. Each chapbook contains a disentangled narrative vine from the novel. The chapbooks are saddle stitched. The author has created original artwork to accompany the text. Three limited edition prints will be included in each set.

Seed’s narrator is on the threshold of adulthood, living in an English valley in the late 1980s when life is overshadowed by fears of nuclear contagion, AIDS and CJD. Composed in narrative threads of poetic prose, Seed explores universal themes of restriction and desire, delving deep into the narrator’s subjective consciousness and demonstrating the polyphonic discourse – fashion magazines, art, public health advice – and relationships that shape her becoming.

Joanna Walsh is an internationally-published writer of fiction and creative nonfiction. She is also a critic (The Guardian, The New Statesman, Los Angeles Review of Books), and an editor at 3:AM Magazine and gorse editions. She was a judge on the 2016 Goldsmiths Prize and won the Arts Foundation Award for Creative Non-fiction in 2017. She founded @read_women.

She is the author of Vertigo, Hotel, Fractals, Grow A PairWorlds From The Word’s End and the digital work Her ‘novel in essays’ Break.up was published in the UK by Tuskar Rock Press and in the US by Semiotext(e) in Spring 2018.

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