We Are All Different by Tracey Turner and Asa Gilland

We Are All Different by Tracey Turner and Asa Gilland


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Meet the children from one school, and their teachers, parents and carers. They have different kinds of families, likes and dislikes, cultures, ethnicities, abilities and disabilities… and LOTS in common! There are BILLIONS of wonderful ways to be human – as many ways as there are people on planet Earth.

We Are All Different is an inspiring celebration of the fact that all of us are individuals. Written by Tracey Turner, it has been created in collaboration with several Inclusion Ambassadors from the Inclusive Minds organization. Vibrant and diverse, We Are All Different is both a beautiful gift book and a highly accessible home reference.

It reinforces that everyone has something to offer, that diversity enriches our lives, and it also considers what all human beings have in common – that there is more that unites us than divides us.

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