Velvet moss for my pillow

Velvet moss for my pillow


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Poetry and Images inspired by the North Antrim Coast.

Poems by Geraldine Fitzgerald. Photographs by Richard Sloan

This collaboration between poet and photographer is born of a love for the North Antrim coastline and Rathlin Island.

It is a region rich in history with fascinating landscapes, seascapes. geology and wildlife.

It provides endless inspiration for both words and images.

In Geraldine’s poems there is an acute awareness of place that is often evoked with a subtle, vibrant lyricism.

The photographs are stunning and the poems complement them in just the right way Рexpressing something other than pictorial Рa meditation, almost Рthat acts as a counterbalance  to the clarity and beauty of the images

Greta Stoddart



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Weight300 g
Dimensions25 × 21 × 1 cm
Author/PhotographerGeraldine Fitzgerald and Richard Sloan