The Eyebrows of Doom by Steve Smallman and Miguel Ordonez

The Eyebrows of Doom by Steve Smallman and Miguel Ordonez


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An outrageously funny and bonkers adventure story written by the rhyming genius, Steve Smallman (Monkey With a Bright Blue Bottom, Bear’s Big Bottom, Cock-a-Doodle-Poo) with bright, bold and brilliant artwork by award-winning illustrator, Miguel Ordonez (This is Baby, Everything is Mama, Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada). In some woods in a cave, a big bear called Dave Was sweeping his floor with a broom, When two clumps of hair leapt into the air and cried . .

. “WE ARE THE EYEBROWS OF DOOM!” The Eyebrows of Doom are trying to take over the world! Join Dave and his friends as they try to stop them leaping from one unsuspecting animal to the next. And just when it looks as though the eyebrow’s antics have been thwarted.

. . all is not as it seems! This hilarious rhyming romp will have readers young and old laughing out loud and is perfect for fans of Steve Smallman’s Poo in the Zoo series, Nibbles The Book Monster, You Can’t Take an Elephant on the Bus and Oi Frog!

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