The Apiary – Issue 3: Home/Away

The Apiary – Issue 3: Home/Away


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The Apiary is a literary magazine organised, edited, and produced by the Writers’ Society of Queen’s University Belfast. The Apiary is a collection of poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction from Queen’s students, accompanied by visual art.

Issue 3: Home/Away features a variety of interpretations on the meaning of ‘home’, and what it means to be away from it. Our contributors explore feelings of both belonging and unfamiliarity through the taste of fresh fruit or a cup of tea, the rattle of a dishwasher, and an empty chair at the table, in homes in and away from Belfast. Featuring work by Ríbh Brownlee, Amy Cross, Elle Cunningham, Freya Elliott, O. Ferris, Connie Gavin, Ninon Georges, H. R. Gibs, Thérèse Kieran, Rachel Mawhinney, Hebe Lawson, Mac McCluskey, Marnie McHugh, Zara Meadows, Hanna Nielson, Faye Nixon, Karson Ó Laithbheartaigh, Gianna Sannipoli, Shahminee Selvakannu, Akshay A. S., Eoghan Totten, and Rose Winter.

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