Michael Viney’s Natural World

by Michael Viney, Foreword by Michael Longley


Michael Viney’s Natural World

by Michael Viney, Foreword by Michael Longley


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About the book:

Not  long before he died, Michael completed this book, which he described as ‘a personal popular narrative that gives a lot of my illustrations a further bit of life’. This highly visual publication contains over fifty of Michael’s meticulous illustrations in full colour, accompanied by a personal narrative full of keen insights and observations on nature, our relationship with nature, and a growing awareness of our vulnerability.

Praise for the book:

“Michael Viney’s words and images are vital in both sense. The sense of wonder they convey so powerfully is vital for our survival on Earth. And their vitality makes us glad to be alive. His eye is as sharp as it is keen, but it is always seeking out the possibility of joy. This gorgeous book, which brings together his words and his pictures as never before, reminds us how visual his writing is and how precisely expressive are his drawings and paintings. It throbs with the pulse of a life so richly lived and so generally shared.”

Fintan O’Toole

“With the eye of an artist, the soul of a poet and the discipline of a scientist, Michael Viney brings a unique and compelling perspective on our natural world. His writing and illustrations draw primarily on experiences and observations in and around his one-acre holding in my native county, Mayo. But his outlook is anything but parochial — instead, he alerts us to the urgent need to respect Earth’s systems and tread gently — as he did — on this planet we call home.”

Mary Robinson

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