Faces & Places Northern Ireland 1975-2020

Faces & Places Northern Ireland 1975-2020


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More than twenty years after the 1998 peace accords that ended the era of the “Troubles”, and as the implementation of Brexit puts Northern Ireland back in the spotlight, this bilingual three-part book takes a fresh look at the recent history of this vulnerable territory.

It juxtaposes scenes of everyday life taken in the 1970s, at the heart of the conflict, with those of present-day Northern Ireland, alongside a series of some 20 portraits.

Bernard Lesaing, photographer-reporter, took the time to bond with the locals and experience local life.

In this book, he invites us to follow him on the path to reconciliation by following the narrative thread of black and white images. Texts from academics and testimonials from residents shed additional light.

This collaborative project is helping to bring out a new representation of Northern Ireland, revealing the vitality of its people, the plurality of their experiences, and the persistence of hope in the face of adversity.

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AuthorsBernard Lesaing
Karine Bigand
Jean Kempf
Peter McCavana