Cold New Climate

Cold New Climate


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A stunning debut from Isobel Wohl. Beautiful, carefully crafted prose and a surprising, utterly absorbing storyline about characters caught in a destructive sequence of events. Very much a contemporary novel but stylistically reminiscent of mid-century American modern writers, such as Richard Yates. I cannot stop talking about this book.

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Lydia is unsettled in her New York life. She takes herself away to Greece, secure in the belief that her much-older partner Tom will be there on her return. However, when she comes back, she discovers he’s fallen in love with someone else. Her life now in disarray, Lydia faces a future in which nothing is secure. When she reconnects with Tom’s teenage son Caleb, all three lives are recast in shocking and devastating ways.

All the while we sense that in the world at large there are greater changes happening, changes over which they have even less control.

Isobel Wohl’s precise, brilliant, hyper-observant prose lays bare the ever-changing rules by which we try to conduct our lives, and in its astonishing conclusion, the novel asks us its most profound question: how do we want to live?

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