1964 – Eyes Of The Storm – Paul McCartney- Limited Edition

1964 – Eyes Of The Storm – Paul McCartney- Limited Edition


1964 – Eyes Of The Storm – Paul McCartney-

Limited Edition Publication Date 13/6/2023

175 boxed and numbered copies signed by the author

At the beginning of 1964 when Beatlemania erupted in the UK, after the band’s first visit to the USA, they became the most famous people on the planet.

The photographs are McCartney’s personal record of this explosive time, when he was, as he puts it, in the ‘Eyes of the Storm’.

1964: Eyes of the Storm presents 275 of McCartney’s photographs from the six cities of these intense, legendary months – Liverpool, London, Paris, New York, Washington, D.C. and Miami –

and many never-before-seen portraits of John, George and Ringo.

In his Foreword and Introductions to these city portfolios, McCartney remembers ‘what else can you call it – pandemonium’ and conveys his impressions of Britain and America in 1964 –

the moment when the culture changed and the Sixties really began.


• Custom printed box including custom blue cloth bound slipcase with inset printed images and black gloss foil stamping.
• Blue cloth bound folio cover with black screen printing.
• Printed interior sheet
• 8×10 print held with photo corners
• Five colour jacketed hardcover

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