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Sam McCready - No Surrender

Sam McCready - No Surrender
Mar 22 2018, 7:00pm GMT

No Surrender

A stage adaptation by Sam McCready from the autobiography by Robert Harbinson.

Robert Harbinson is one of Ulster’s finest writers, and his autobiography, No Surrender, which chronicles his childhood in Belfast, is widely regarded as a classic of the genre. A born storyteller, Harbinson work is ideal for adaptation to the stage. In recent years, Sam McCready, an internationally respected author and performer, has made a cottage industry out of the one-person form with plays based on the works of Dickens, Lady Gregory, Percy French, and the Holocaust survivor Helen Lewis. At the launch by noted Ulster filmmaker, Moore Sinnerton, McCready will give a short preview of his stage adaptation, which will have a run at the Lyric Theatre, April 11-15.